"Within less than a month your ballot for the American Library Association’s 2020-2021 election will reach you. The time is here for you to decide who will lead the oldest and largest advocacy organization in the world for libraries, librarians and the people they serve. My vote will support Julius Jefferson for the office of President who will take ALA into the next decade.

I validate my choice by pointing to his election within the last five years to the highest levels of leadership in our Association as a member of the Executive Board and the Council and as President of our affiliates, the Freedom to Read Foundation and Black Caucus. ALA members have observed Julius Jefferson’s leadership acumen. He has demonstrated the ability to assess and analyze the broad issues facing our association then propose effective action that confirms his support for our core values of intellectual freedom, diversity, and equity of access.

Jefferson’s past performance leaves no question that he has the leadership capability to further ALA’s reputation as an organization that formulates national information policy in the public interest. Because he has the experience, the skills, and the commitment to sustain valued traditions yet supply the innovation demanded of ALA and our profession to remain relevant in a rapidly changing society, join me in casting your vote for Julius Jefferson."

~ALA President (1995-1996), Named ALA Honorary Member (2012), Professor & Dean Emerita at Rutgers University~
~ALA President (1997-1998), ALA Treasurer (1992-1996) ~

"Julius Jefferson is the president ALA needs in 2020-2021. A new decade will bring significant changes to ALA – a new executive director, changes based on ALA’s strategic directions and a continued focus on our evolving financial situation. A new decade also speaks to the need for ALA’s president to have recent experience on the ALA Executive Board and on ALA Council as well as service both local and national. ALA’s president needs to have a thorough knowledge of the issues facing all types of libraries and their patrons. Jefferson’s ALA experience combined with his District of Columbia Library Association (DCLA), Black Caucus, and Freedom to Read Foundation involvement make him a leader we can count on to put the best interests of libraries and library workers first.

As your president, Jefferson will represent all of us. Jefferson is a proven leader that knows and understands both libraries and ALA. He has the leadership we need now. When your ballot arrives by e-mail, vote and vote for Jefferson"

"I wholeheartedly endorse Julius Jefferson and believe he will make an excellent President of ALA in these challenging times.
Please vote for him"

~ALA President (2005-2006), ALA Executive Board (2003-2007), ALA Council (1991-1995 & 2002-2006), ALA Pay Equity Committee (Former Chair), ALA Library & Information Technology Association (Former President), ALA Resolutions Committee (Former Member), California Library Association Committees (Former Member), Dean of Library Services at California State University Fresno's Henry Madden Library (1988-2007), British Library (1966-1977)~

"Julius is an effective and dedicated leader who is deeply committed to advancing the profession and ensuring that libraries thrive now and in the future"

~ALA President (2012-2013), Chair of the ACRL/Harvard Leadership Institute for Academic Librarians (1999-2004), ACRL President (1998-1999), Library Consultant~

"I strongly believe that Julius will be an excellent ALA President. I encourage members to learn about him as a leader and consider supporting him. He has my vote"

~ALA Council (2010 – present), ALA Executive Board (2014-17), Member of the American Association of School Librarians (AASL), Association of College & Research Libraries (ACRL), the Library Information & Technology Association (LITA), the Public Library Association (PLA), Social Responsibilities Round Table (SRRT), Sustainability Round Table (SustainRT), Intellectual Freedom Round Table (NMRT), Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Round Table (GLBTRT), and the Federal and Armed Forced Libraries Round Table (FAFLRT)~


~California Braille and Talking Book Library, ALA Councilor-at-Large (2011-present), ALA Executive Board (2015-2018), ALA Life Member, Disability Advocate, Member Association of Specialized, Government, and Cooperative Library Agencies (ASGCLA), Social Responsibilities Round Table, Progressive Librarians Guild, REFORMA, APALA, AILA & BCALA~

"Pardon the use of the jazz metaphor, but it’s my way of putting into context why Julius will serve our association so honestly and faithfully.
I have worked with Julius on the ALA Board and in Council, and over the years, I have been impressed with his ability to both compose and improvise. He listens carefully and respectfully, catching the rhythm of the various developing policy implications, and deftly and systematically weaves the association’s polyphonic threads into informed decision tapestries. Julius is a champion of new professionals and committed to the success of library workers, the oft unheralded backbone of libraries. He is fully committed to a more egalitarian ALA and he will work fastidiously on matters of equity, diversity, and inclusion. Julius possesses political acumen which he uses to achieve results, deploying harmony and whenever possible syncopation of thought.
All musical references aside, Julius is a phenomenally capable, knowledgeable, strategic and experienced leader who will be a great ALA president.
I am proud to give him my vote."

~Business Development Officer, Library of Congress Federal Credit Union ~

"I had the opportunity to meet Julius soon after I joined the federal credit union. He is a huge advocate of the credit union and a great member! Several of our board members are familiar with Julius and speak highly of him here at the Library of Congress. Julius is committed to the challenges that face libraries today and has served on the board of the ALA bringing his insight and solutions to many of the problems libraries face.
I have enjoyed working with him to strategize on a few projects to bring services to many who greatly benefit. He champions additional library funding and is always on top of the most recent news and updates. His legislative activities are far reaching and his political network is vast.
Julius is the choice for president and will 'walk the walk' to continue to do everything he can for libraries"

"Julius will be an excellent leader for our Association. He has demonstrated his commitment to our profession’s core values and is an effective and nimble facilitator. As the public face of the Association, his intelligence and strategic thinking will serve us well"

~Dean of Kraemer Family Library & Professor of Library Administration, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs~


"I support Julius Jefferson for ALA President. Julius has demonstrated a true dedication to libraries, library workers, and ALA. He has the experience, the allegiance, and the heart to serve as our future ALA President. As a new member of ALA Council Julius made me feel welcomed and included. I am confident that he will strengthen our organization by upholding a fundamental commitment to justice, intellectual freedom, and inclusivity. These qualities are essential in our leadership considering our current social and political climate.
I strongly endorse Mr. Jefferson for ALA President"

~Current ALA Council Member~

"I am excited that my great friend Julius Jefferson from the Congressional Research Service is a candidate for the Presidency of the American Library Association. He is an avid supporter of the University of North Texas program. Not only has he taken his time to recruit students to the profession, to encourage graduates to apply for positions with government departments and agencies including Congressional Research Service, he has introduced new entrants to these agencies by giving personal tours and visits.
I am endorsing him for the Presidency and hope that you will all vote for him."

~Associate Professor, University of North Texas~

"I have had the pleasure of working with Mr. Jefferson for the last 10 years at the Library of Congress. I served as the program director to Mr. Jefferson and those in his cohort who’d been selected into the Library’s prestigious Leadership Development Program. Over the course of 15 months, he completed challenging rotations, special projects, and courses in leadership best practices. He worked with colleagues across the Library, and subsequently was promoted to take on responsible supervisory and managerial roles. He is committed to his profession, to the growth of others, and demonstrates keen insight and creativity in solving problems both on the job and off. He’s poised to use these qualities and many others to serve the needs of ALA as President"

~Chief at The Library of Congress~

"I’ve observed Mr. Jefferson’s leadership in ALA as an Executive Board member and I saw his contributions to the University of North Texas MLS program through Alumni News. I feel so proud to be connected to him through University of North Texas and look forward to this talented librarian leading ALA!"

~Acting State Librarian/Administrator, Nevada – Chief Officers of State Library Agencies (COSLA)~

"His experience and resume speak for themselves. I had the privilege of observing Julius during the orientation of the Library Education for the U.S. Affiliated Pacific Second Cohort (LEAP II). He delivered inspiring messages regarding professionalism and the importance of advocacy and leadership in librarianship to students, but, it seemed to resonate with all who were in the room; he challenged students to be the voice of Pacific Librarianship!

There are two things in particular that struck me about Julius that I believe makes him an excellent fit for ALA President. One, was his uncanny ability to genuinely connect with a room as diverse as one filled with representatives from different Pacific Nations – his versatility was on full display. Two, was the passion he displayed while encouraging all to continually grow professionally. We got the sense that he truly cares!
Please vote Julius C. Jefferson Jr. for ALA President!"

~Territorial Librarian – American Samoa, Chief Officers of the State Library Agencies (COSLA)~


"I have served with Julius as a member of ALA Council and on the Presidential Advisory Committee for former ALA President Jim Neal. Julius has a strong capacity for bringing people together in an environment where this is not always easy. As a member of Council, I learned to appreciate his thoughtful approach to complex and challenging issues, and as a member of Neal’s Advisory Committee, I saw him consistently contribute ideas that moved the leadership agenda, and the Association as a whole forward. Our next ALA president will face continuing challenges in building engagement among our members and advancing the Association’s role as a powerful voice for librarians, library staff, and a library agenda that contributes to an informed and engaged democracy.
Julius has my vote, and I hope he will have yours as well"

~Councilor-at-large (2013-16) & ALA Life Member

"I am delighted to support Julius Jefferson in his candidacy for ALA President. His dedication to our profession is evident not only in his career accomplishments but also in his contributions to the work of ALA over the years—I have worked with Julius through ALA on diversity related issues and as a fellow ALA Councilor. He has emerged as a leader through hard work and sharing his knowledge and expertise. More than that, he is a mentor to new career professionals and he maintains a strong commitment to equity and to making ours an inclusive profession. Julius is the kind of leader that we need in ALA, and I am pleased that he has stepped forward to become a candidate for President.
I endorse him with great enthusiasm!"

~Dean of Marquette University~

"I heartily endorse Julius Jefferson as ALA President. Over the sixteen years I have known Julius, I have observed his work ethic and his commitment to the profession. While he was an fellow in a Consortium of which the Library of Congress was a part, he distinguished himself. Since the end of that fellowship program, he steadily moved up the ranks at the Library. His energy and commitment will serve him well as ALA President and be a boon to ALA"

~ Director for Acquisitions & Bibliographic Access,
The Library of Congress~

"I cannot stress enough how important it is to have a candidate that will carry on the good work of ALA. Julius Jefferson has all the qualities we strive for in an ALA President. In the many years I have known him, he has been an anchor, coach and inspiration. His stability and erudition has allowed him to some make tough ALA decisions with effectiveness.
Serving on the intellectual freedom and scholarship committees with Julius, I have observed that he is a hard-worker and knows how to use his ability as a natural leader to accomplish challenging goals. On ALA Council, he quickly became an asset when he was elected to the Executive Board, bringing his skill and knowledge to the table. His work as president of the Freedom to Read Foundation was admirable and a model to follow. Most importantly, what I value most is finding a president who is experienced, honest and understands the challenges that public librarians and school librarians face. Julius will fight for diversity, equity and inclusion and he will advocate for youth. For these reasons, undeniably, he is the best candidate for ALA president 2020-2021"

~ Children's Librarian at the Issaquah King County Library System, EBSCO Scholarship Committee member, Intellectual Freedom Committee, Freedom to Read Foundation, ALA Councilor-at-Large (2010-2016)~

"I’ve known Julius for 10 years; initially as a colleague through our interactions at the Congressional Research Employees Association (CREA), then, immediately thereafter, as a friend.

From the very first moment I met him, it was inescapable that Julius is not only an advocate, but a fighter. An advocate is necessary, but not always sufficient. A fighter presses hard to achieve the goals being advocated for. He thinks both strategically and tactically. I witnessed this many times during my tenure in CREA leadership positions. I’ve also witnessed him mentoring others in his field. He is a man of seemingly boundless energy. I would fully expect Julius to bring that energy, advocacy, mentoring, and fight to the position of President of the American Library Association"

~Retired Congressional Research Service Analyst &
Former CREA President~
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I ran for President of The American Library Association (ALA) because I believe in the power of ALA to make an impact on communities, librarians and library workers. My experiences prepared me to speak on behalf of ALA members and lead ALA with distinction.



2020-2021 was a transformative period in ALA history which demanded an insightful and experienced leadership that would tactfully and collaboratively address the streams of changing internal and external challenges.
As ALA President, my focus was on improving the ALA brand, by highlighting our most valued asset – the 58,000 committed members. To be effective advocates, we must change the narrative of who we are.


My Stance