Aug 5th: Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in the LIS Field: Leading the Charge

(Hampton University – Hampton, Virginia) 

Aug 24th-30th: IFLA World Congress

International Federation of Library Associations & Institutions

(Athens, Greece)

Sep 24th-26th: US-Russian Dialogue on the Civic Role of Libraries in the 21st Century Urbana

(Chicago, Illinois)

Oct 20th-27th: ALA Executive Board Fall Meeting

(Chicago, Illinois)

Nov 12th-13th: Athens Regional Library Systems Staff Development Day (Athens, Georgia) 

Nov 19th-20th: 2019 Annual Public Library Directors Meeting

(Tallahassee, Florida)


Jan 24th-28th: ALA Mid Winter Conference

(Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

Feb 17th: Indiana State Library Online Conference 

March 10th: Tennessee Library Association Legislative Day 

March 24th-27th: Texas Library Association Annual Conference

(Canceled due to COVID-19)

April 3rd-5th: ALA Executive Board Spring Meeting, Chicago, Illinois

(Canceled due to COVID-19)

April 16th: Palm Beach County Staff Day, Palm Beach, Florida

(Canceled due to COVID-19)

May 16th: Black Caucus American Library Association Virtual Summit 2020

Speaker, “ALA and the 21st Century” @ 3.45pm

May 19th: 2020 San Jose State University, School of Information Graduation Speaker

May 22nd: University of Maryland iSchool Commencement, College Park, Maryland

(Canceled due to COVID-19)

May 28th & 29th:  Rhode Island Library Association’s Annual Conference (Virtual), Keynote Speaker

June 25th-30th: ALA Annual Conference, Chicago, Illinois

(Canceled due to COVID-19)

July 19th-24th: 7th U.S. China Conference, Guangzhou, China

(Canceled due to COVID-19)

July 27th-Aug 7th: Virtual ALA National Advocacy Tour

Join me here

Aug 15th-21st: IFLA World Congress, Dublin, Ireland

IFLA ~ WLIC 2020

(Canceled due to COVID-19)

September: US-Russian Dialogue on the Civic Role of Libraries, Russia

(Canceled due to COVID-19)


May 21st: Utah Library Association / Mountain Plains Library Association Joint Conference, Keynote Speaker