As your ALA President, my focus will be on building the ALA brand.

In an age when ignorance attempts to overshadow knowledge, it is an exciting time to be a member of the American Library Association (ALA).  This transformative period in ALA history demands an insightful and experienced leadership that would tactfully and collaboratively address the streams of changing internal and external challenges.

As your ALA President, my focus will be on improving the ALA brand, by highlighting our most valued asset which is you – the 58,000 committed members. To be effective advocates, we must change the narrative of who we are.  ALA members are and need to be recognized as technologically savvy, inclusive, innovative and passionate about serving our communities. Our brand must reflect our commitment to providing equitable access to information, serving as cornerstones in our respective communities. As ALA members we must strengthen relationships within our complex organizational structure by collaborating and communicating across the association, and removing existing silos that create divisiveness.

Addressing the internal & external concerns

As a champion for libraries and library workers and as your ALA President, I will:

  1. Advance the pursuit for a consistently informed citizenry;
  2. Advocate to overcome the constant threat of reduced funding for essential library programs, and support information policies that seek to unite our country;
  3. Promote freedom of expression and privacy.

I intend to achieve these goals by focusing on:

  • Library Advocates – Strengthening relationships with key library champions by building on a grassroots approach and utilizing our vast national network of advocates.
  • Equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) – Strengthening EDI not just in our association, but in the libraries where we work.
  • A culture of inclusion – Strengthening relationships between ALA Divisions, Roundtables, Affiliates so that all of our members can find a home amongst our ranks.
  • Communication – Building and strengthening relationships with our ALA Chapters by creating a communication plan that allows chapter leaders and ALA staff to work together.
  • School Librarians – Continuing to advocate for our school librarians and those who offer specialized services to children and young adults by highlighting the valuable role they have in developing the foundation for critical thought and intellectual curiosity.
  • The next generation – Recruiting the next generation of library workers by introducing and exposing K-12 students to the possibilities of a career in librarianship.

The President of ALA actively listens to member concerns, serves as the chief spokesman and presides over both council and the executive board. As your President-Elect, I will lead using my experience and knowledge of ALA to continue collaborating with ALA members, leaders and staff to unite us as an association so that we can become a modern library association for a modern profession.

We are stronger when we speak with one voice.