Media Engagements (2019-2020)

  • Library Journal Interview

“Julius Jefferson on Convening the Conversation”

  • Slate Magazine on Melvil Dewey

“Down with Dewey”

  • ALA Member News

“Serving on ALA, Council and Joint Committees 2020-2022”

  • American Libraries: COVID-19 Update (March 17th 2020)

“Executive Board Recommends Closing Libraries to Public”

  • American Libraries: COVID-19 Update (March 23rd 2020)

“Executive Board Recommends Libraries Leave WI-FI Open During Closure”

  • American Libraries: COVID-19 Update (March 24th 2020)

“Executive Board Announces 2020 Annual Conference Cancellation –       first time in 75 years…”

  • ALA News: ALA Statement Affirming the Rights of Transgender People (June 23rd 2020)

ALA unequivocally and emphatically stands in solidarity with its transgender staff and members, transgender library workers, library users, authors and members of the communities we serve

  • ALA News: ALA takes Responsibility for Past Racism, Pledges a More Equitable Association (June 26th 2020)

Executive Board Statement

  • ALA News: ALA Summons Support for Library Stabilization Fund Act (July 2nd 2020)

“Bicameral Legislation to Support Libraries”

Click Here and Tell your Member of Congress to Support Libraries

  • Washington Post: Opinion Piece on MLK Jr. Memorial Library Renovation (July 23rd 2020)

“American Libraries Need Pandemic Relief”

  • Forbes: Google Partnership with ALA (July 23rd 2020)

13 Libraries: Entrepreneurship Hubs in Underserved Communities

  • American Libraries: ALA Midwinter Update (August 6th 2020)

“ALA Issued Statement on Midwinter 2021”

  • Library Journal: ALA Midwinter 2021: From Indianapolis to Virtual (August 7th 2020)

“ALA Takes 2021 Midwinter Meeting Virtual”